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Seattle Sounders Concepts

The Seattle Sounders are clearly the awesomest soccer team in existence. Here are my attempts to redesign their logo.

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Sounders Concept Logos

See the finalized presentation of my latest concept here: Seattle Sounders Logo Concept, June 2018

Latest: Concept 6 (2018)

See final version here!

Direct descendants of Concepts 4 & 5.
Space Needle is done from scratch. NASL-style waves in emerald shape. Eliminated gray from logo.
Rightmost version uses NASL-era teal alongside kelly green & royal blue for sky, hills, & water

Concept 5 (2017)

Made from scratch. Abstract line Space Needle over NASL era waves.

Concept 4 (2017)

Uses the Space Needle and NASL-style waves from the current logo in an emerald shape.

Concept 3 (2016)

Combines the current logo with this concept from Sounder at Heart.
Versions with and without the current logo's banner.

Concept 2 (2016)

Combines the 1983 NASL logo and the Space Needle from the current logo.

Concept 1 (2016)

Uses the NASL era waves and ball, the current logo's Space Needle and text, and the shape of the Reign logo.

Sounders Concept Jerseys

Concept Jerseys (2017-18)

These jersey concepts use the current logo and colors. These were made using Raysox's beautiful SVG template.

Concept 1 Jerseys (2016)

These jersey concepts were designed alongside Concept 1. These were some of the first jersey concepts I did in Photoshop. These were made using this strange Paint template.

Other MLS Concepts