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Seattle Sounders Logo Concept, June 2018

Despite being an enthusiastic fan of the team, I don't particularly like the Sounders' current logo. Its strangely shaped shields and redundant white & gray outlines feel poorly weighted, the Space Needle is inaccurately depicted in a gray color, and the banner hogs the spotlight. Worst of all, though, the current logo doesn't even represent the beloved Puget Sound, the namesake of the team! I think my concept addresses some of these issues, while also combining the different eras of Sounders logo history.

The color variations show all the colors used by Sounders alternate jerseys, B&W versions, retro version, and holiday schemes for social media profile pictures for Independence Day, Cascadia Day, and Pride Month.
Finally, I mocked up an image of the current Sounders website to show the new logo and new colors.

Thank you for reading! Go Sounders!

Earlier versions