Sports Stuff

Logo & Uniform Concepts

Seattle Sounders Concepts
I redesign the logo & jerseys of my favorite team. (2016-2018)

Sounders 2019 Season Ticket Holder Scarf
The winning design of the Sounders Alliance's annual scarf design contest! (2018)

Seattle Mariners Concept
A redesign of my hometown MLB team. (2019)

Canadian Premier League Logo & Kit Concepts
My logo redesigns and jersey ideas for the newly formed CPL. (2018)

Cincinnati Cougars Concept
A fictional baseball team concept. (2018)

Bush Blazers Baseball
A warmup jersey concept for my high school baseball team. (2017)

SCDS Skyscrapers Ultimate
Frisbee design for my middle school ultimate team. (2015)


Seattle Colors & Names

Joey Dinger Derby Tournament